Kristin Cavallari Reveals Why Her Kids Won’t Appear On Her New Reality Show

“Very Cavallari” will focus on the reality TV star, her budding business and her scene-stealing husband, Jay Cutler.

Viewers who tuned in to Kristin Cavallari’s new reality show, “Very Cavallari,” on E! may have noticed that although she and her husband, former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, talk a lot about their children, the kiddos were not featured in Sunday’s episode.

And there’s a reason for that.

“My kids will not be on it,” the mother of three told People in last week’s issue. “They would love to watch the monitors and they were around sometimes when we would film, but we want to keep them kids. ... We want them to grow up as normal as possible. And so when they’re old enough to decide they want a camera in their face, that’s one thing, but for now we just want to keep them kids.”

The actress, who starred in “The Hills,” doesn’t even like to expose her children — Saylor James, 2; Jaxon Wyatt, 4; and Camden Jack, 5 — on social media. She told People in May: “If I post them, it’s of the back of their head or something to that degree.”

The 31-year-old starred on her first reality show, “Laguna Beach,” when she was only 17 and said she cringes when she watches reruns.

“I didn’t know what I was getting into,” Cavallari told People. “I was just going about my life and doing what producers were asking me to do. When I saw the first season, I was devastated about how I was portrayed.”

Her husband, who played for the Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins, is also no stranger to television. People had reported that he was hesitant to participate in “Very Cavallari,” which will also focus on Cavallari’s budding jewelry and home goods business called Uncommon James.

But apparently, Cutler had a change of heart. He appeared numerous times on the first episode, offering comic relief by dumping a cooler full of dead elk meat on their posh kitchen counter and explaining why he doesn’t wear heels.
Many people on Twitter thought Cutler stole the show.

Who needs scenes of the kids when Cutler is giving us comedy gold?

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