Kristin Chenoweth: Anthony Weiner Scandal Inspires Rewrite Of Lyrics To 'Popular' From 'Wicked' (VIDEO)

Kristin Chenoweth admitted on "The Tonight Show" that she is completely fascinated with Anthony Weiner. The one-time disgraced politican returned to the public eye to run in the New York mayoral race. Then, he was hit with a second sexting scandal -- this one even more graphic than the first.

In order to help the former congressman out, Chenoweth rewrote the lyrics to "Popular," a song she made famous in the musical "Wicked." While it was still about helping him become popular, this time it was about becoming the "right kind of popular."

“I’ll teach you to zip your fly, you won’t be that guy with a camera down his pants," she sang. "I’ll teach you what tweets to tweet, something clean and sweet. We’ll make sure you’ll get your chance to be popular. The right kind of popular. They’ll think you’ve become a monk, though they’ve seen your junk. Now you’ll play a different show!”

It was a full-length performance, with a verse of advice for Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, as well. Advice that included the idea of her simply kicking him to the curb if he can't keep it in his pants. David D., writing for Uproxx, was a little shocked by the performance, calling it a "bizarre" and "WTF" moment.

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