Kristin Chenoweth's Fabulously Filthy Answer Stuns 'Celebrity Family Feud'

"I'm a good Christian girl," the "Wicked" star said. "Forgive me."

Broadway veteran Kristin Chenoweth may have won over new fans with her hilariously risque response on Sunday’s “Celebrity Family Feud.(Watch the video below.)

In a showdown with “Hocus Pocus” star Kathy Najimy, the two actors were asked to name a popular answer in a survey that asked 100 women: “After the lips, what’s your favorite part of a man to kiss?”

Chenoweth buzzed in first and said: “Rhymes with heinous.”

“Heinous” got bleeped, host Steve Harvey turned away in shock, and Najimy buried her head in her hands laughing.

“I’m sorry,” Chenoweth told Harvey. “I’m a good Christian girl. Forgive me.”

For the record, the former “Wicked” star’s answer was not among the top six in the survey. She later mouthed “I’m sorry” to her team.

“You go stand right over there, young lady,” Harvey said as if sending a second-grader into the corner.

“Welcome to Sunday night TV folks,” he proclaimed.

Najimy stayed in the, um, neighborhood by answering “bottom” during her team’s effort to give the top answers, but they could not complete the survey.

So, Chenoweth actually got another try. “Hand,” she said demurely.

The Tony winner earned a big red X for that one, too.

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