Kristin Chenoweth Loves Her Gay Fans And Thinks Jesus Would Too

Kristin Chenoweth doesn't find her commitment to her faith and her support for the gay community to be mutually exclusive. In fact, in a HuffPost Live interview on Thursday, the Tony Award-winning actress explained how the two actually go hand-in-hand.

"I think what I do -- it's very Pollyanna, it's very funny to say this -- [I think] that thing, what would Jesus do? What would He do? He would love," she told HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri in an appearance to promote her new live album "Coming Home."

In accordance with this, the Broadway star emphasized that she loves "all people in general, unless they're just hateful, and then I don't like them."

"The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to love each other," she said. "I happen to not think being gay is a sin, [and] I have a really tough time with people who judge people for their sexuality."

Earlier this year, Chenoweth, 46, shot a video in support of same-sex marriage as part of the Human Rights Campaign's Americans for Marriage Equality effort, and performed alongside composer Andrew Lippa in "I Am Harvey Milk" at New York's Lincoln Center.

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