Kristin Chenoweth Defends 'GCB''s Gay Character, Talks Being LGBT Rights Advocate And Christian

Kristin Chenoweth Talks 'GCB,' And Being Both An LGBT Advocate And A Christian

Her Christian faith may seem at odds with her largely gay fanbase, but Kristin Chenoweth has insisted it's possible to be both a supporter of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights and a vocal churchgoer.

As if to illustrate that point, Chenoweth's new series, "GCB," reportedly features a female character who is knowingly married to a gay man whose sexuality is kept secret from his fellow parishioners -- a plot line which the star anticipates will garner its fair share of scrutiny.

"I'd say go to church and take a look around the room and see if you see any women who might be married to a man who might be gay," she tells ABC News. "I'd say be very careful of judging someone who's in marriage who is gay because they don't want to be told they're going to hell. I think that happens and I think it's horrible."

As for her own stance on the LGBT community, the Tony Award-winning actress previously dismissed the notion that homosexuality is a choice in an interview with CNN's Piers Morgan. She noted, "If it was a sin to be short, what would I do? Well I'd be right on the hell bus...I don't believe God makes mistakes, and that includes a person's sexuality."

She now tells ABC: "Even as a young child, I thought, 'Why is being gay bad?' "I didn't understand it. So I asked my grandma, who is the best Christian I ever knew. I'd say, 'What about my friend Denny, he's gay, is he going to hell?' She told me, 'I read the Bible like I eat fish. I take the meat that serves me well but I don't choke on the bone.'"

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