Kristin Davis Ran One Of The Most Successful Escort Services Ever On 'My Life Is A Lifetime Movie' (VIDEO)

Kristin Davis' High-Priced Escort Service On 'My Life Is A Lifetime Movie'

After losing her job at a hedge fund, and with her mother’s medical bills mounting, Kristin Davis needed money fast. As profiled on "My Life Is a Lifetime Movie," Davis recruited girls, put an ad in New York magazine and grew from there, becoming the Manhattan Madam and running one of the most successful high-priced escort services ever.

"There was a waiting list of girls that wanted to work for me," Davis said, including some cover models. "I went wow, maybe I’m running a successful business, when that girl’s on a billboard and she works for me."

Soon enough, Davis started renting out five locations in New York City for her business “Wicked Models”, which later expanded to Philadelphia, D.C., and other cities. The escort business served high-end clients such as Muammar Gaddafi and former New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer

Davis had a client list of more than 10,000 names until she was busted in 2008. She spent four months behind bars and was on probation for two and a half years for her role in the Spitzer scandal.

Since then, Davis has attempted to get into politics. The former Manhattan Madam unsuccessfully ran for New York governor in 2010, and might even run for mayor of New York City in 2013.

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