Kryder Unveils "The Chant" From His New Label, The Cartel


Electronic music has seen a great many trends and evolutions since the early days of Robert Moog, Wendy Carlos, and Kraftwerk. However, through the crests and troughs of the industry, one the sub-genres that has steadily remained like an unfaltering heartbeat is house music. Its infections beats and pulsating rhythms are still popular in the mainstream as well as the underground.

Hailing from London is Kryder, a highly ambitious proudcer/DJ who led the "groove movement" in house music along with producer Tom Staar. Known in the electronic scene for his rolling and driving beats, Kryder decided to push forth in a new direction, evolving alongside the sound with which he had become so intimately familiar. In addition to creating music and performing, Kryder also runs an independent boutique label called Sosumi Records where he releases music for free. "Sosumi is a label that I set up to help young up-and-coming DJs get their music recognized by the masses and the industry alike," says Kryder. "I think there are a lot of artists complaining that they cannot breakthrough, so Sosumi is more of a promotional platform than a record label."

On July 25th, he and Staar joined forces with the independent Dutch Label, Spinnin Records to establish a new label called The Cartel. While Kryder already has a history of releasing music with Spinnin Records, their union played a huge role in the establishment of The Cartel. "Spinnin Records is a game changing, highly established label and I feel they have been one of very few labels in dance music that have been able to break though artists and their music," explains Kryder. "I have really enjoyed working with them on many releases but wanted to create something of our own that our fans could be part of."

The Cartel is an assemblage of passionate music-lovers and dream-chasers who are as similar as they are diverse. The first, celebratory release from The Cartel is the percussion-driven, tribal track, "The Chant." Still following the ever-infections house formula, this song produced by Kryder and Eddie Thoneick possesses a hypnotic chant that will surely entrance those enjoying these sounds on the dancefloor. "The Chant" is familiar enough to entice the ears of house music lovers as well as unique enough to keep them intrigued.

Though Kryder's goals for both Sosumi and The Cartel are similar, there are a few differences that separate the two. "The internet can be very powerful if used correctly and Sosumi gives a voice to the up-and-coming talent to be exposed to a global network," he explains. "Both concepts are different artistically but both have the same mission, to release quality forward thinking electronic music." Sosumi and The Cartel will both be working with a litany of new electronic music artists, however, The Cartel will be building a diverse yet specific sonic landscape that will eventually become its signature sound.

Kryder's longtime partner-in-crime, Tom Staar, is a huge part of The Cartel, being one of the few people whom he can trust for musical feedback. Therefore, it was a natural decision to have Staar join Kryder's new movement as they move forward into new, aural frontiers. "I love the fact that we can work in the studio together and be serious but as soon as we are at a show, the fun begins," Kryder reflects.

"The Chant" is only the beginning of The Cartel's legacy. All of the label's artists have been working tirelessly to build a solid body of work, including another EP from Eddie Thoneick that is due for release this coming August. They are also planning a series of promotional events such as a show at Aquarius in Croatia, The Cartel U.S. tour in November, and they will also be hosting a stage on this year's Groove Cruise L.A. in October.