Krystal Introduces 'Country-Fried' Menu

If you thought burger chains had run out of ideas for what can be put a ready.
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If you thought burger chains had run out of ideas for what can be put on a bun... be ready. Southern chain Krystal this week launches a whole menu of country-fried items, beginning with a small, square Country-Fried Steak Krystal. That's an all-beef patty that's coated in a special blend of country spices and then cooked to a golden brown before it's topped with white-pepper gravy on a steamy Krystal bun.

Krystal's not stopping there. The mini menu also includes:

Country Fried Steak Biscuit: That same seasoned patty cooked to a golden brown, topped with white pepper gravy and served on a fresh-baked buttered biscuit.

Country Fried Chik: The Chik chicken patty, seasoned and cooked, then topped with white-pepper gravy and served on a steamy Krystal bun.

Country Fried Chik Biscuit (shown below): Krystal's Chik chicken patty, seasoned and cooked cooked to a delicious golden brown. Topped with white pepper gravy on a fresh-baked buttered biscuit.


No menu is complete lately without some sort of "loaded fries," and Krystal has them:
Country Fries: Fries, country gravy and crumbled bacon;

Loaded-Up Country Fries: Same as Country Fries, just a larger portion;

Junkyard Fries: Fries, chili, shredded Cheddar, crumbled bacon, ranch and sliced jalapeños;

Loaded-Up Junkyard Fries: Same as Junkyard Fries, just larger portion.

The original plan wasn't for a menu this extensive. Krystal developed the Country-Fried Steak Krystal in partnership with National Cattleman's Beef Association trade association and its Beef Innovations Group division, and the idea snowballed. "Once we came up with the Country-Fried Steak Krystal, the ideas just kept coming," Alice Crowder, Krystal VP of Marketing, said in a release announcing the menu. "The deep Southern heritage and history of the Krystal brand lends itself perfectly to hearty, country-fried tastes, and so we've developed a whole menu around the concept." The items are available through April 24.

Founded in 1932, Krystal has 350 stores in 11 primarily Southeastern states.

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