Krysten Ritter Kept Watching 'Breaking Bad' Even After She Left The Show

What It's Like To Get Killed Off On 'Breaking Bad'

Krysten Ritter's "Breaking Bad" character, Jane Margolis, appeared in only a handful of episodes, yet her tenure as Jesse Pinkman's addict girlfriend -- and Jane's shocking demise -- created a turning point in the series that forever changed Walter White. But had Jane been able to stick around a little longer, Ritter has some ideas of what she'd want to see for the character.

When the actress spoke with HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri on Monday about her new film, Tim Burton's "Big Eyes," she answered a fan's question about where else Jane's character could have gone.

"Maybe getting sober and staying sober," Ritter said. "It would have been nice to see a glimpse of happiness for them."

Ritter also said that she felt a connection to "Breaking Bad" long after she left the series early in its run:

I kept watching the show with everybody else on Sunday night as a fan, because I'm able to sort of take myself out of things ... It was always fun when they would mention my character, or I would get text messages like, "Oh, did you see 'Breaking Bad' today?" I felt included even though I wasn't on the show anymore.

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