Krystle Campbell Hospital Mixup: Parents Initially Told Daughter Was Alive, Reports Say

Boston Bombing Victim's Parents Initially Told She Was Alive

The parents of Krystle Campbell, the 29-year-old woman killed in the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday, were initially told she was alive, Boston ABC affiliate WCVB-TV reports. However, when they were permitted to see their daughter at the hospital, they found another woman.

Patty Campbell, Krystle's mother, told WCVB that she and her husband were told that their daughter was alive but that their daughter's friend, Karen Rand, had been killed. When the couple was let in to the hospital room, supposedly to see Krystle, they were shocked to find Rand instead.

The Boston Herald reports that the woman's grandmother said the parents were told their daughter was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital. However, when The Huffington Post contacted a hospital representative, she said neither Campbell nor Rand was in the directory.

Patty Campbell's father, William, later identified his daughter through a photo shown to him by authorities, the Herald reports.

"My daughter was the most lovable girl. She helped everybody and I'm just so shocked right now. We're just devastated," he told Yahoo News about his daughter's death.

Krystle Campbell, a restaurant manager from Medford, Mass., was at the marathon with Rand to watch her boyfriend cross the finish line when one of the bombs went off, CBS News reported. Campbell went to watch the marathon every year "since she was a little girl," her grandmother, Lillian Campbell, told the Boston Globe.

At least two others perished in the blasts, including an 8-year-old boy named Martin Richard. Police are still searching for a suspect in the blasts that injured at least 130 people on Monday afternoon.

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