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KTLA Anchor Slams Perez Hilton: 'You Talentless Dope!'


What began as a scheduling snafu for Perez Hilton on KTLA's Morning Show has quickly escalated into a full blown battle.

Hilton and KTLA anchor Sam Rubin offer differing accounts of what prompted the gossip blogger to leave the studio before his scheduled appearance Monday. Hilton tweeted the saga throughout the morning, culminating in his request for an "on-air apology/retraction".

Anchor Sam Rubin had his response for Hilton on Tuesday's show, and it was not quite the apology he was hoping for:

Perez said we lied about what happened here, and he demanded a retraction...Well demand this you talentless dope, here is what really happened.

Sam goes on with his venomous "deposition," detailing his version of the events. According to Rubin, Perez was booked for a 9:20AM slot on the morning show, but his staff had him arriving at 8AM. The earlier slots on the show were taken by the unlikely combination of Snoop Dogg and a children's choir, so moving him up was not an option. Upon finding out he was scheduled an hour later, Hilton decided he could not wait, as he needed to tend to his blog. KTLA offered him an office in which to work, Hilton instead offered to make an appearance via Skype.

Rubin concluded his comments on a poetic note:

The KTLA Morning News and yours truly have been here long before Perez Hilton upchucked his way on to the scene, and we will be here long after he slithers away.

Needless to say, he is no longer welcome on the KTLA Morning Show.

WATCH the video. It is a good one:

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