KTLA Morning News Crew Can't Take Shake Weight Segment Seriously (VIDEO)

You can thank the Internet for making the infamous Shake Weight the punchline that it is, and the "SNL" and "South Park" parodies definitely didn't hurt.

But it's 2011 now. Is the suggestive piece of workout equipment we've seen made fun over and over still hilarious?

Last week, KTLA's morning news crew proved that yes, the shake weight is indeed still funny. In a segment that was obvously much-anticipated by the crew, the anchors in the studio can hardly keep it together as they awkwardly shake their weights and make reference to "cool-down spray" among other things. But anchor Allie MacKay, reporting from a Shake Weight class, steals the show when she and a trainer throw around phrases like "big black one," "little white ones" and "full-body workout."

At one point she even mutters, "God, go to the clip. Please go to the clip."

Watch until the end, where you can tell the anchors already understood the virality of the segment as they joke about MacKay ending up on YouTube the next day.