KUBoobs Inspires Fan Selfie #Boobment At Colleges Across The Country

#Boobment Sweeps The Nation

In yet another bizarre college student mini-trend (Milking!), female students at schools across the country are showing off their school pride. Maybe now their athletic teams will win.

It all started in Kansas. A University of Kansas Jayhawks fan identified as Tiffany by KCTV 5 took a shot of her breasts covered by her Jayhawks shirt and added #kuboobs to her tweet hoping to "give a little boost" to a struggling team. [See video interview below]

According to KUboobs.com:

On a Saturday afternoon in a sports cathedral known as Allen Fieldhouse our beloved Kansas Jayhawks were facing certain defeat from the evil Missouri Tigers in a final battle for supremacy. Thousands of Jayhawk faithful watched helplessly as the border ruffians from Missouri sought to pillage and disgrace our beautiful cathedral. Far above the Golden Valley glorious to view, one woman had enough. She channeled the power inherent in all true Jayhawk fans to resurrect the Jayhawks from a 19-point deficit to a stunning one-point victory! That power was KU Boobs.

The online phenomenon swept across Jayhawk nation "like a Kansas gale and carried the Jayhawks to the Final Four in New Orleans." Now the @KUBoobs Twitter account has more than 19,000 followers. More than 11,528 people like KU Boobs on Facebook and 5,540 people are talking about it on the site. There is now even @kuboobsofficial (which seems somehow less official).

It's a full-blown #boobment.

According to the Kansas City Star, Clay Travis, a Nashville-based author with over 66,000 Twitter followers, was an early follower of @kuboobs, deeming it "genius.”

"In a matter of hours, schools with similar accounts were being re-tweeted (Florida’s @UF_Boobs) and more were being created, like Alabama (@bamaboobs), Auburn (@wardamnboobies), Arkansas (@arkboobs) and Vanderbilt (@vandyboobs)," the Star reports.

No lie: So many of these accounts were created between Monday and Wednesday. A probably creepy, and entirely inappropriate-for-the-office Twitter search yielded over 30 similar @boobs accounts at schools across the country. Even the "border ruffians" at Mizzou created an account. It's attracted over 6,000 followers.

But, hey guys, don't worry. KUBoobs is "totally feminist" according to a fan of the #boobment. Rachel Smalter Hall, a Lawrence, Kan.-based librarian/feminist theorist offered a Paglian reading on the phenomenon to The Larryville Chronicles, a Lawrence-based blog:

It’s all about who’s in the driver’s seat, and in the case of #kuboobs, it’s the ladies all the way. #kuboobs has emerged from the throes of March Madness: a frenzied, cultish worship of the male body and its physical prowess. It's a masculine sphere that traditionally excludes women (just like those pricks who assume girls don’t watch the games!). But with #kuboobs, ladies are here to announce their fandom, loud and proud, and to seize their own place among the Apollonian body worship that’s synonymous with the NCAA basketball tournament. [More on this]

Check out the slideshow below to see who's participating.

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