Kucinich-Supporting Hecklers Interrupt Bill Maher On "The Tonight Show"

Just a week after making the boldest talk show appearance ever (third video down), Bill Maher found himself in another awkward position: this time at "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno."

While asking about Maher's opinion on the current crop of presidential contenders, Leno was interrupted Tuesday night by a Dennis Kucinich supporter, who yelled, "Let Dennis debate! Stop censorship! Help save democracy!" (Dennis was shut out from MSNBC's debate last night in Las Vegas).

Then, after a commercial break, Maher was interrupted by a separate audience member, shouting a more ambiguous message: "GE, NBC, Put Impeachment on TV!". Too bad he didn't handle the nuisance like he did on his own show.

Check out the clip from "The Tonight Show" below:

From NBC 1/15/08.