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Kumi Yamashita's Unbelievable Portraits Made From A Single Strand Of Unbroken Thread (PHOTOS)

Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita creates mesmerizing portraits made from a single, unbroken thread. We originally saw these on My Modern Met, and were dazzled by Yamashita's skill.



The artist arranged nails on a white board before winding a black thread into intricate designs, creating stunning near-photographic likenesses. She calls the ongoing collection "Constellation," drawing off the Greek tradition of tracing mythical figures in the sky. Yamashita told ARTNews "It was like looking at a very grainy monochrome picture, millions of dots creating his face."

Her work has the Reddit community all abuzz, and one jubilant commenter had the audacity to write: "No offense, but her work's more impressive than anything Jackson Pollock's ever done. Now this requires skill."

Take a look at her amazing thread portraits and some more of our favorites below.

Kumi Yamashita

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