A Kundalini Yoga Teacher At Fourteen... It Is Time

“As teenagers, we all have those moments where we feel stressed out, anxious, or even like we aren’t good enough. We tend to think that we are alone with all of this, but we aren’t. Teenagers nowadays are struggling with a lot more than teenagers were a few years ago. We have social media wrapped around our fingers, which can get us into a plethora of trouble, make us feel left out, and even take over our daily lives. Being a teenager, I recognize how addicting the cell phone is. We all are constantly feeling like we need to fit in, and be “cool”, but really, as we grow older, being cool and fitting in will mean absolutely nothing to us. Different teens have different ways of coping with stress and anger, but one of the most effective ways to help is through Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga has many parts to it, like pranayam (breathing), meditation, and physical exercise. All of these different parts of yoga help with different issues that teens are stressed with.” ~ Gabriella Virginia

Why is my fourteen-year-old training to be a yoga teacher now?  Could she do her training in her twenties instead?  Don’t fourteen-year-olds have enough pressure with school? 

The answer to all of this is in the opening of this post. Gabriella, like many other teens these days, is feeling the pressure of the times. She absolutely wants to share the incredible tools of Kundalini Yoga with others, but to be honest, she wants to connect to her inner light as a teen as well.  The light that shines in our radiance starts from within.  Teens are being guided to become lit from within. In this day and age, it is so easy to look for the sparkle outside.  Yet, where does that lead us? It only brings us into the place of comparison and self-doubt.

Teens need to know that everything they are searching for is already within them. Teens need to connect with their higher selves. Teens are limitless and boundless, yet rather than tapping into the jewels within their hearts, they are often searching on Instagram to see if they match up to a world of illusions.

As parents we are searching for answers, and doing our best to make sure we do not raise teens with the same limiting beliefs we ourselves are working to break through!  We compare ourselves to others as well.  We also have habits that are not healthy, yet we want our kids to learn from what we say when they actually learn from what we do.  They are observing how we cope. We feel shame and self-doubt when we expose our flaws, and we cover them up. Our kids see right through it all though.  Rather than reacting and defending ourselves and feeling guilty for a temper tantrum, we are being called to be authentic. It is ok to admit when we are wrong. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and life is full of lessons.

Life is complicated and certainly confusing at times.

How do I know this so well?  Well, we lost one of the sweetest hearted boys recently.  My brother’s son ― Gabriella’s cousin.  He was only 18.  He had the entire world in front of him, but his heart was longing for compassion, and he compared himself everyday to the public posts that showed the perfect eighteen-year-olds going into the best colleges, playing every sport, attracting all the popular girls and saying all the cool things.  I wish I had a moment to say to him: “Do you really think those kids have the perfect life? Do you think they have it that much better than you?”

I wish I had a moment to grab my nephew and say: “Start focusing on your breath, and be still. Trust that you are where you are supposed to be. Quiet that mind that compares. You are more than enough, my sweet pea.” But, I cannot pin Michael down and tell him this.  However, I can remind my own children and show them how I get through my own blocks.  It takes work.  Sometimes meditating is the last thing I feel like doing. It is a discipline. It takes comittment. However, it is my solitude. 

What truly matters? LOVE. That is it. I wish I did not have to learn it this way, but I hope you can hold my words close to your heart.  Let the BS go.  Go deep. Know you are enough. Trust that we live in a world of limitless possibilities.  All the endless possibilities come from the heart.  Nothing is impossible when we listen to our inner guidance system. 

We need to love one another and stop judging, and it starts from taking care of ourselves.  We are being called to step beyond our mind limitations.

Can we collectively find a better way for the younger generations? Do straight A’s really matter? Seriously, maybe I am wrong.  But I think we need to let some text books go and begin working through our own emotional resistances so we can activate the sparkle of inner joy we were born to share. 


If loving is wrong, I certainly do not want to be right.