Kurt Bardella Joins Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller

The Daily Caller has hired Kurt Bardella, the former spokesman for Republican Rep. Darrell Issa who was fired last month following a leaked email controversy, as the site's new communications director.

Neil Patel, who co-founded the Daily Caller with Tucker Carlson in early 2010, announced the news in a staff email Thursday:

Please join Tucker and me in welcoming Kurt Bardella who will join us tomorrow as Director of Communications. Kurt has been on Capitol Hill for the last five years in press and communications roles in the House and Senate.

Kurt is going to help promote The Daily Caller, promote each of our reporters and bloggers individually and promote our work product to the Hill and to other media outlets. Kurt is also going to help on some new tech projects that we have in the pipeline.

Pat McMahon is staying put doing the great job he has been doing on the other side of promotions which has helped us hit our highest traffic numbers ever.

Kurt is the first of a few new hires we expect to announce over the coming days. More to come...



In late February, Politico reported that Issa's office was investigating whether Bardella had leaked emails from reporters to New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich for a book he's writing on the political-media culture in Washington D.C. Bardella was fired the following day.

Bardella, in a separate email to friends, said that he's "very excited about this opportunity and especially being able to work with people like Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel."

"It is our hope that we can eventually be to conservatives what Huffington Post has become to progressives," Bardella wrote. "With the Republican Primary bearing down on us, there is a tremendous opportunity to solidfy the Daily Caller's place in the media hierarchy."