Kurt Braunohler Makes The World A Better Place In 'Modern Comedian' Mini-Doc (VIDEO)

WATCH: One Comedian's Plan To Make The World A Better Place

One mark of a great comedian is such heavy commitment to a joke that it doesn't require an immediate audience reaction, or even an audience at all. Kurt Braunohler, who is currently hosting the IFC game show, "Bunk," is one such comedian.

Kurt has made a habit of going to bookstores and places that sell greeting cards, inscribing his own messages in the store's wares, and leaving them behind for the unsuspecting customers with the hope that they'll have an unexpected laugh. He obviously gets a kick out of this prank, and this joy reveals his underlying philosophy about comedy.

He talks about this, and more, in the first episode of filmmaker Scott Moran's new web mini-documentary series, "Modern Comedian." The doc features a mix of Braunohler planting the cards and books, and telling about it at his stand-up show "Hot Tub," which he performs with comedy partner Kristen Schaal.

Moran's a stand-up himself, and his series is shot with flair in Brooklyn and exhibits a clear intelligence of how comedians live their lives. We're looking forward to upcoming episodes of this series.

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