Kurt Cobain Accepts 'O Music Award' Via Psychic (VIDEO)

Kurt Cobain Accepts 'O Music Award' Via Psychic

The late Kurt Cobain accepted an award Monday night from beyond the grave, or at least that's what a psychic hired by MTV says.

The former frontman for Nirvana accepted the O Music Award for "Best Vintage Viral Video," for their 1991 performance of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on "Top of the Pops" -- through the psychic powers of Fahrusha.

The O Music Awards are the "offbeat, outrageous and online" music awards that celebrate the best in digital music -- "from the top artist on Twitter to the most innovative music app."

Let's get beyond the idea of Cobain accepting an award via a psychic and focus on the fact that he died in 1994 when the Internet was just beginning to get popular with the general public. He has no idea what a viral video is or why he would be getting an award for it.

Sure MTV is celebrating the "offbeat and outrageous" and it's amusing, but there are still two other living member of Nirvana who could have actually accepted the award. Plus this isn't the first time MTV has tried to contact Cobain through a psychic medium. Let the man rest in peace!


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