Celebrate Kurt Cobain's 47th Birthday With 9 Of His Best Lyrics

Kurt Cobain would have turned 47 on Feb. 20. Lost at 27 years old, Cobain's legend still lives strong today, his crunching and angst-riddled riffs blasting from car stereos. Grunge may have disappeared for the most part, and the youth of the '90s might be working adults now, but few can pass up the opportunity to belt out the chorus of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" when given the chance.

Cobain certainly didn't enjoy when critics attempted to decipher his lyrics, describing them as a "big pile of contradictions" that were seated in his own subjectivity. His words, however, hold more weight for his listeners than he could have imagined, whether he wanted them to or not. In honor of one of rock's greatest heroes, let's remember some of Cobain's most powerful lyrics during his short stint in this life.

kurt cobain lithium

kurt cobain come as you are

kurt cobain serve the servants

kurt cobain breed

kurt coabin heart shaped box

kurt cobain drain you

kurt cobain in bloom

kurt cobain all apologies

kurt cobain smells like teen spirit