Kurt Loder Talks Sebastian Bach's Controversial AIDS T-Shirt, Gay Marriage

MTV Legend Recalls Heavy Metal Frontman's Anti-Gay T-Shirt Controversy

MTV veteran Kurt Loder recalled an infamous 1989 controversy involving Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach in an appearance on HuffPost Live this week.

Though he defended the singer as "a nice guy," Loder said homophobia "wasn't unusual" in hard rock circles when Bach donned a T-shirt which read, "AIDS kills fags dead."

In 2010, Complex Magazine named Bach's shirt one of "The 50 Worst Rock Fails Of All Time."

During the interview, Loder also took time to discuss Minnesota's same-sex marriage victory. Calling marriage equality "the wave of the future," he noted, "If people want to be married, go ahead ... The more freedom we have in this country, the better off we are."

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