Kurt Warner On Brett Favre: 'He Definitely Hurt His Legacy' (POLL)

Former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner discussed Brett Favre and whether he hurt his legacy on the NFL Network on Monday.

"I think he did [tarnish his legacy]," Warner said. "Not only this season, but the last few seasons, going back and forth [on retirement] and bouncing to a few different teams. I think about it, and I have to really think hard to think back to when he was a Green Bay Packer and when he played his best football and was in Super Bowls and when he became the Brett Favre we all know."

The former Super Bowl MVP also said that when he thinks about Favre, he thinks about the "chaos that's happened the last couple of years."

Warner added that he hopes that people will forget about Favre's years in Minnesota, but "he definitely hurt his legacy" in the short-term.

Favre didn't play in Minnesota's last game of the season against the Detroit Lions. In his retirement speech after the game, Favre said he knows "it's time" and that he holds no regrets.

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