Kutiman's Incredible YouTube Musician Mashup Is Better Than The Sum Of Its Parts

These Musicians Don't Know Each Other, But Their Song Is Incredible

Israeli mashup master and music producer Kutiman is back with an incredible new video entitled "GIVE IT UP."

Kutiman, whose real name is Ophir Kutiel, has layered and edited together several YouTube video recordings from different amateur musicians to create an entirely new song that's both groovy and awe-inspiring. The mashup takes parts of a 6-year-old girl's improvised piano piece in the key of G minor, combines them with another woman's stunning, silky vocals, and mixes in trombone, saxophone, drums, bass, violin, synth, cello, bassoon and guitar.

The result is a perfect blend of jazz, soul, classical, rock and jam band.

"GIVE IT UP" is a tease for Kutiman's upcoming album "Thru-You Too," out on Oct. 1. The album follows up on his highly acclaimed 2009 project Thru-You, a similar collage of sonic odds and ends that Time magazine included in its list of the year's 50 best inventions.

To see more of Kutiman's mashups, check out his YouTube page and watch "GIVE IT UP" above.

You won't be disappointed.

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