Kyl Stops START -- A Rhyming Rant

You know Senator Kyl -- he is out to kill START
'Cause the GOP thinks it would be really smart
For Obama to lose once again.
No success for the Pres! -- And then when
Putin says, "Without START, hey, we won't play our part
In containing the nukes of Iran,"
No one can
Blame Jon Kyl
(Smiles with guile),
What a man!

Oh, James Baker and Kissinger -- they both agree
That we need this damn treaty. Without it, you see,
We do not have the right to inspect
Russian nukes, and this scary neglect
Plus the absence of strong Russian pressure could free
Up Iran to advance to the day
When it may
Bomb in style.
But Jon Kyle
Smiles away.

So if Phoenix gets hit by Iranian nukes
(As for any survivors...? Oh, everyone pukes
And then they -- they die slowly but sure),
You know Senator Kyl will feel pure.
'Cause his principled stoppage of START -- it rebukes
That elite Democrat, that Barack.
"Cleaned his clock!"
Says Jon Kyl,
Stumbling block.