Shocked Parents Film Family's Reaction To Finding Out Their Ultrasound Was Wrong

Shocked Parents Film Family's Reaction To Finding Out Their Ultrasound Was Wrong

Parents Kyle and Danielle Williams were in for a big surprise on March 3 when their new baby -- whom an ultrasound technician had said would be a girl -- came out all boy.

"I was speechless and couldn't believe my eyes," Kyle told The Huffington Post. "I had been up 24 hours and thought my eyes were playing tricks on me." Her husband in shock, Danielle didn't hear the news until the doctor gave his congratulations on the birth of her baby boy. "She was in disbelief and thought we were all joking," Kyle recalled.

After getting over their initial surprise, Kyle and Danielle decided to film the reactions of their various family members as they told them the girl they were all expecting turned out to be a boy. The final video, which has reached over 120,000 views on YouTube in just three days, features some truly golden moments -- like the bit where Danielle's mother Linda Monday-Jones learns her new grandchild's sex while changing the baby's diaper.

The family had to quickly shift from their baby name choice, Charlee, to Bentley Thomas Williams. But ultimately, when the Williams -- who already have a 2-year-old daughter named Peyton -- learned that the ultrasound technician had made a mistake, Kyle says, "We didn't care. We are just happy to have a healthy baby."

And as for little Peyton, "Our daughter really doesn't fully understand the confusion I don't think.," Kyle said. "She was happy just to have a new baby sibling."

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