Teen Attacks Paramedic Who Stopped Ambulance Sex Session

A teen who was trying to have sex in an ambulance will spend nearly three years behind bars for attacking paramedics who wanted to use the vehicle for official business.

Kyle Hargreaves, 18, of Grimsby, England, was sentenced last week for the Feb. 15 assault and for violating an anti-social behavior order, according to the Grimsby Telegraph.

He also admitted robbing a crate of beer from a store on the same day.

The incident began when paramedics responded to the home of a 92-year-old man suffering from chest pains. The crew members left open the back doors of the ambulance when they went to retrieve him.

When they returned, they found Hargreaves and a female companion making out on a stretcher, the Lincolnshire Echo reports.

Hargreaves yelled, "What's your problem? We are just trying to have sex," according to the North Devon Journal.

Hargreaves then punched paramedic Michael Newman three times in the face and spat blood and saliva on him. The female suspect also bit the hand of technician William Heron, according to court testimony.

The ambulance crew, which was waiting outside the vehicle with the patient, contacted police with a panic button on one of their radios.

Police then arrested Hargreaves while a separate crew arrived to take the elderly man to the hospital. He didn't suffer any ill effects from the delay.

One medic stayed behind to treat Newman for a black eye, some cuts and a bleeding nose, the Mirror reports.

Hargreaves' partner was not identified. It wasn't immediately clear whether she faced any charges.



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