Queer, Non-Binary Model Kyle McCoy Opens Up About Life On 'Top Model'

Here's what it's like fighting to be on top.

It’s hard enough to make a career out of modeling, but imagine trying to conquer the fashion world while competing against a gaggle of other girls and having every good, bad and ugly moment filmed and then beamed into millions of living rooms.

Kyle McCoy doesn’t have to imagine it ― that’s how she spent a big chunk of the last year. The 23-year-old model was one of the contestants on VH1’s reboot of “America’s Next Top Model,” which began airing earlier this year ― until she got voted off of the show on Monday night.

McCoy dropped by The Huffington Post on Tuesday to chat with Noah Michelson about her time on “Top Model,” what life for a queer, non-binary person on the show was like (turns out it was pretty good!) and what anyone who is considering trying their hand (and body and face) at modeling needs to know.

Check out the conversation above and then head here for more from McCoy.

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