Kyle Orton, Broncos Starting Quarterback, Says Winning Over Fans Is A Low Priority

Kyle Orton has won the top quarterback slot for the Denver Broncos, but he may not have won the hearts of the Broncos’ fans -- and with statements like these, he may have a hard time converting Tebow fans into Orton fans.

Fox31 reports that after Monday’s practice, Orton was asked about how he felt about still having to win over the team’s supporters despite his tremendous athletic ability leading him to the top quarterback position. Orton said:

Thank God the people (fans) don’t make the decisions. That’s really all I got to say about it. My last goal as quarterback is to win over the fans, that is my last goal.

Orton did go on to say to The Denver Post that he knows that winning football games is really the only way to win over all the Broncos’ fans. So, perhaps Orton will let his actions speak louder than his words.

Although Orton has definitively won the quarterback contest, Tebow appears to still be winning the popularity contest, reports. The preseason crowds at the Broncos’ Dove Valley headquarters are wearing a lot of Tebow jerseys, so many that it’s hard to find an Orton jersey. Not to mention Tebow’s No. 15 is one of the league’s best-sellers, nationally. On Monday, the Broncos’ pro shop had 60 adult Teboy jerseys for sale and only five of Orton’s.