Faux Kyle Orton Says Goodbye To Denver Broncos In Spoof Sketch (VIDEO)

He may be an actor playing Kyle Orton, but at least Denver's former starting quarterback that was cut from the Broncos last week gets to say goodbye to Denver like he might have really wanted to.

Comedy group Landlocked Pioneers has put together this funny sketch of a beer-swilling Orton that thinks Elway looks like the "demon" horse at DIA and cloned Tim Tebow.

"The only good thing about Denver now is that they recently got an IKEA. It sucks. If you're Tim Tebow it doesn't suck. If you're John Elway it really doesn't suck. You walk down the street and people give you quarters even though you're not even homeless," fake Kyle Orton says.

Spoof Orton's family isn't even on his side: his wife wears a Tebow jersey, his dad is in a fantasy football league, with Tim Tebow --and guess who his fantasy quarterback is? Hint: It's not his son, Kyle.

Watch the hilarious video above.