The Secret To 'Real Housewife' Kyle Richards' Incredible Hair Is Seriously Simple

The Secret To Kyle Richards' Incredible Locks Costs $3.99 At Any Drugstore

In her bitingly clever "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" recaps, Julie Klausner would regularly refer to Kyle Richards' thick chestnut locks as "Pantene curtains." Turns out, that's literally what they are.

When HuffPost Live asked the Bravo star for the secret to her envy-inducing tresses, she revealed that she only uses one thing, and that one thing happens to be Pantene.

"I do use Pantene," she exclaimed. "I really do. And I'm not a spokesperson for them, but I really do use it."

Yup, that's right: the perfectly-coiffed housewife's product of choice costs $3.99 and can be scooped up at basically any store anywhere.

And that's generally the extent of her regimen, as the 45-year-old says that when it comes to her hair, she's a "less-is-more person."

"I don't put product in my hair because it dulls the shine," she explained. "And I try not to overheat it. I try not to damage it with brushing. You just have to take care of it like you would your skin."

Watch more from Kyle Richards' conversation with HuffPost Live here.

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