Kyle Sampson's Ten Reasons Why Monica Goodling Doesn't Need to Plead the Fifth

10. To the best of my recollection, no.

9. I never kept a file. To the extent there was a list, it was in my head. And on scraps of paper that I threw in my bottom-right drawer. Sometimes I wrote things on my hand, but then I took a shower.

8. Thank you, Senator Hatch, I appreciate that.

7. That was during the Thanksgiving lull.

6. Honestly, I don't know why I said it. Maybe to provoke a reaction.

5. It never occurred to any of us that Democrat Senators would be interested in what new Republican Attorneys we would pick to replace the outgoing Republican Attorneys with.

4. Carol Lam was fired because Darrell Issa was unhappy.

3. No, Senator Spector, we never intended to use the part of the Patriot Act that we asked you to slip into the bill at the last minute.

2. "Performance" just means carrying out the Administration's priorities and policies.

1. When I said "Karl," I didn't necessarily mean Karl, I meant his shop.