Kyle Ugone Sets World Record For Most Completed LEGO Sets In A Private Collection (PHOTO)

It will be tough to make this Marine Lego of his latest honor.

Kyle Ugone's collection started when he was a child, but since then his mass of LEGOs has grown to a Guinness World Record 1,091 sets, according to the American Forces Press Service. The collection boasts more than 5,000 individual pieces.

"I got my first set as a gift when I was 5 years old," Ugone told the American Forces Press Service. "It's a windmill, and I still have it today. From there, I kept getting more and more sets."

So what's Ugone going to do now that he is the LEGO king? Gizmodo describes his next move as "extremely zen."

Ugone is slowly taking the sets apart for storage to regain some of the square footage in his home. He's taking a break from collecting Lego sets, planning instead to focus more of his attention on restoring a classic muscle car.

Ugone might also like to visit the world's largest lego tower in Brazil.

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