Kylie Jenner's 'Bipolar' Tweet Offends As She Jokes About Changing Hair Colors

Kylie Jenner's Joke About Mental Illness Offends

Kylie Jenner offended some people when she jokingly tweeted about being "bipolar" because of her ever-changing hair color.

The 16-year-old reality star -- who dyed a bottom layer of her hair blond, then blue, then a chestnut-brown last month -- tweeted Wednesday (Nov. 6) that she misses her jet-black tresses. Jenner said she was "bipolar."

Twitter users criticized the teenager for her cavalier use of language about the mental illness.

"Kylie Jenner just tweeted 'I miss my black hair I'm so Bipolar:('. No, you're not 'so Bipolar', you're indecisive...and a moron," responded one blunt Twitter user. "Mental illnesses aren't adjectives," wrote another.

Still, some thought Jenner's bipolar comment spoke volumes about a larger societal issue. Alanna Bennett of Bustle elaborated:

[...] She’s a 16-year-old, and often what teenagers say is very much a parroting of the politics they observe elsewhere. Ignorance is infuriating, absolutely, and it should be pointed out; it’s also often the symptom of a much larger problem. The stigmatization and general lack of knowledge and/or discourse surrounding mental illness is, after all, a pretty huge issue, especially in the U.S. — it’s not just Kylie who has a lot to learn.

This is the second time this week the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star has made waves on social media. On Nov. 4, Jenner posted an Instagram photo of her donning a low-cut, sheer dress while on location for a photo shoot. Some wondered if the racy attire was a bit too mature for the teen.

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