Kylie Jenner Was Clearly Unfazed By Appropriation Criticism, Because She's Back In Cornrows

This again?

Kylie Jenner is either a glutton for punishment, or she was just really unfazed by claims she was appropriating black culture the last time shared a photo of herself wearing cornrows. 

If you haven't been keeping up with Kylie, the reality star celebrated turning 18 with a huge party this past Sunday. In true Kardashian-Jenner fashion, she made quite the entrance by showing up with a blonde weave.

Now, in case anyone isn't aware -- it's called a "weave" because the hair extensions are sewn or woven on top of one's own hair, which is often braided into cornrows so that the extensions will have a base to be sewn onto. So, there's a logical reason why Jenner was wearing cornrows again -- it's not quite as logical as to why she'd be cool with her pal Pia Mia Perez sharing a photo of her with the hairstyle on Instagram (though it's telling that the photo has since been deleted from Perez's account). 

Meanwhile, Jenner also took to  Snapchat while she was wearing cornrows, sharing a video of her and Perez taking a nap. It seemed like a clear message she didn't care about the previous, or impending, criticism

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