Kylie Jenner Slams YouTuber For Faking Travis Scott Cheating Scandal

Khloe and Kim Kardashian also had words for the "prankster."

Hell hath no fury like a Kardashian-Jenner scorned. Especially when it involves a fake cheating scandal created by a “prankster.” 

Over the past few days, rumors surfaced that Travis Scott was possibly cheating on his partner, cosmetics mogul and reality-TV star Kylie Jenner, after a photo of someone who looked similar to the rapper popped up on social media. It showed a man with Scott’s distinctive hairstyle ― but whose face was obscured ― cozying up to a woman who was not Jenner.

This rumor turned out to be false.

It was revealed to be a “prank” by YouTube comedian Christian Adam, who posted a video Wednesday saying he “completely staged” the photo, which can be seen below in an Instagram post captured by the screenshot account commentsbycelebs. His video included the disclaimer: “This video was NOT made to intentionally hurt Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner or the entire Kardashian family in ANY way shape or form.”

But the family didn’t take his comments ― or his prank ― lightly. Jenner addressed the fake photo on social media Wednesday.

“Idk if this is really a social experiment to some people but you’re messing with real people, real relationships, real family,” the 21-year-old wrote in an Instagram story that has since been deleted.

“I’m happy my relationship is strong because this is getting out of hand. The internet scares me sometimes for real,” she said. 

For his part, Scott responded directly to the YouTuber’s Instagram post revealing the stunt. “Shaking my fucking head,” the rapper wrote in a comment captured by commentsbycelebs.

Two of Jenner’s sisters, Khloe and Kim Kardashian, also commented on the viral hoax.

“I hate that I am bringing attention to this but this is absolutely disgusting that you would find this funny to mess with Travis & Kylie who just started a family together,” Kim tweeted on Wednesday. Scott and Jenner recently welcomed their first child, a daughter named Stormi.

“This is really damaging to relationships, families and is just so wrong!” Kim added.

Khloe also tweeted about the prank, saying, “People are absolutely disgusting! The mind games this would do to somebody… That is so completely not OK! This person should be so ashamed of themselves! What filth.”

We don’t even want to know what Kris Jenner is going to do with this little stunt.