Kylie Jenner Finally Admits Her Ring From Tyga Is A Promise Ring

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Signs you might be engaged and or/married: calling your significant other “fiancée,” referring to each other as “Mr. & Mrs.,” wearing a massive diamond on your ring finger. 

Kylie Jenner and her fiancé boyfriend Tyga are guilty of doing all of the above — and taking things a step further and posting about it on social media (i.e., causing chaos among their millions of followers).

While we’ve speculated the 19-year-old may or may not be engaged to the rapper, Jenner confirmed that she isn’t by informing fans that her massive diamond is a promise ring on Snapchat late Thursday night.   


She also confirmed that she’s still in love with her boyfriend: 

Good to know. 
Good to know. 

Jenner first started sporting the massive diamond seen above in July, just a few weeks after she and Tyga reconciled.

Aside from wearing the ring on the finger that, you know, symbolizes commitment, Jenner heated up rumors by hinting the two were thinking of marriage the day before in a Facebook post. 

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And just a few months prior, Jenner debuted yet another large diamond that Tyga gifted her for Christmas.

When these two finally do get engaged, we’ll probably be able to see the ring from outer space. Until then, just remember: 



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