Kylie Jenner's Galore Cover Shoot Is Obviously Revealing

The teen posed for Terry Richardson, and the photo shoot is exactly what you'd expect.

Kylie Jenner -- recent high school graduate, home owner, Snapchat queen, and now one of the thousands of young women in Hollywood who has posed in revealing clothing against a white backdrop for photographer Terry Richardson.

The 18-year-old reality star is Galore's cover girl for its Bombshell Generation issue, and while the cover line claims "The only thing that is predicable about her is she is completely unpredictable," the photo shoot is everything we've come to expect from Jenner (and from Richardson's photographs). Perhaps we're reading into things too much, but in one photo Jenner is holding a stuffed tiger, leading us to believe it's commentary on her relationship with her boyfriend, Tyga.

Terry Richardson/Galore
Terry Richardson/Galore
Terry Richardson/Galore

And while most people think Jenner has been in quite the hurry to grow up -- with her own sister Khloe Kardashian claiming she's not a "normal" 17-year-old in an interview with Complex in July -- Jenner disagrees.

“The reality is that I don’t even want to be 18. I wish I could be 17 for the rest of my life. I don’t want to get any older. I just want to be young and enjoy it, but this lifestyle absolutely made me grow up faster,” she told the magazine. “For me, age is just a number."

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