Here's Proof That Kylie Jenner Has Officially Stolen The Limelight From Kim Kardashian

Here's Proof That Kylie Jenner Has Officially Stolen The Limelight From Kim Kardashian
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Each Kardashian and Jenner sister has their own successful career, breaking records left and right in the makeup, fashion, reality TV and runway world. But lately, the media has been constantly comparing Kim Kardashian with youngest sister Kylie Jenner and putting them up against each other to see who is the true diva of the household. Kylie is slowly stealing the limelight from Kim with her sold out lip kits, fashion line with sister Kendall, as well as growing following on Snapchat. To settle the score, voters on Wishbone App, an app where users can vote and on and poll friends on various topics including pop culture, celebrities and more, have put Kim and Kylie head to head in various polls comparing their business ventures, social followings and style. Up to nearly 200,000 voters participated in the polls! Let's look below at the results to see where the Kardashian/Jenner fans netted out.

Who Breaks the Internet?

Both the sisters graced the cover of Paper Magazine in 2014 and 2016 with Kylie following in Kim's footsteps two years after her 2014 cover. In April 2016, Kylie launched her own Paper Magazine cover with a less risque headshot vs. Kim's scandalous full-body nude shoot. Both covers were equally popular with the fans, but which do fans think truly broke the Internet?

There's no doubt that Kim's risqué photoshoot was the biggest hit. It was all people could talk about! They were sexy and had a hint of humor which set the Internet into a frenzy. Kylie would have had to do a heck of a lot more to top Kim's infamous cover.

Who's Best In Balmain?

Kim Kardashian has always been Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing's muse, however most recently Kylie and Kendall have also been snuggling up to the designer and publicly rocking his garments. But in this similarly beaded dress, which sister owns the red carpet and looks best in Balmain?

Kylie's bold style compliments Balmain's edgy designs which convinced 70% of voters that she knows how to rock the designer best!

Trenchcoat Swag

Trench coats made a big comeback in fashion and both sisters were quick to get on the trend. No longer only for cold weather, trench coats are a great accessory to play up any outfit. But only one sister did it right.

While Kim went for a more classic look, voters loved Kylie's pop of color that made the look more modern and fresh.

Faux Fur Fabulous

Faux fur is a strong statement look that can make the most casual outfit look high-class chic. Only a Kardashian or Jenner could incorporate fur into their street style and still look fabulous! But 76% agree one outfit is goals while the other has its flaws.

Kim and Kylie have both rocked faux fur multiple times but it seems Kylie is the one who has perfected it. On Kylie, it's a bold look while on Kim it seems more of a faux trend.

D.A.S.H. vs. Kendall & Kylie for TopShop

The Kardashian sisters started the Dash legacy when the Jenner sisters were still struggling through math homework and curfews. But now the Kendall + Kylie brand is making up for lost time as they continue to release new clothing lines, swimsuits, and makeup with the very popular TopShop at Nordstroms. Which team of sisters has the biggest following in fashion?

Dash seems to have fizzled out while Kendall + Kylie is all the rage right now. According to the voters, the Jenner's are taking the fashion industry by storm and the Kardashians are falling behind.

Who Rocked In Yeezy Season 3 Part 1?

Kim and her family are always there to support her hubby, Kanye West, when it comes to his fashion line. Kim and Kanye sported similar tan outfits designed by Yeezy in preparation for his big debut. Honestly, both outfits make the stars look like their wearing expensive body suits. But who did it better?

Voters think Kylie is the one that managed to make the ensemble work. Kim needs to raise her game if she doesn't want Kylie to keep stealing her limelight!

Who Rocked In Yeezy Season 3 Part 2?

The sisters looked way more glam wearing the Yeezy line at Kanye's fashion show. They made sure all eyes were on them as they supported Kanye's big day. And over 50% of voters think there's one clear winner.

Kim was meant to win this war as the best dressed sister seeing as her husband's the designer. But Kylie looked cool yet chic in a way that spoke to voters more than Kim's plunging neckline and blonde locks did.

Who Wins The Short and Edgy?

Both ladies have done the short hair but in very different ways. Kim's hair had more volume and was thicker as Kylie's was a more choppy cut with the tips dyed blue. Two very different versions with one clear favorite.

It's clear that voters think Kim looks better with longer hair as it matches her image more. We're used to seeing Kylie experiment with her hair and anticipate what she'll do next. Kylie's hairstyle might have looked tacky on anyone else, but she looked youthful and red carpet ready.

Blonde Hair Don't Care

The sisters went all out to see if blondes really do have more fun. Kylie donned a long blonde wig for a flirty look while Kim's was meant to be more couture. Who was the blonde bombshell and who was the disaster?

Once again, Kim should leave the bold hair changes to Kylie. There's something off putting about Kim with blonde hair. But Kylie can wear a rainbow colored wig and give everyone hair goals!

Who Reigns Snapchat Queen?

Everyone is dying to know what these reality stars are doing when the cameras are away. Snapchat gives fans the chance to get a glimpse at the more intimate part of their lives. But one sister takes it to the next level with her creativity on the social platform. But who reigns as Snapchat Queen?

Kylie was smart to jump on the Snapchat train early which has made her one of the most followed accounts on the social media platform. And she takes it further than doing aimless selfies by creating storylines using Snapchat's unique video filters.

The Better Animated Sister

Influencing the app world is another Kardashian and Jenner accomplishment towards their brand. While both have proven to be successful, a whopping 81% love to hang out with a certain sister in the virtual world.

It's fun to see these mega stars in cartoon form but the Kylie avatar is the clear favorite. Those blue tips and big lips somehow makes everyone jealous of an animation!

In conclusion:

With the majority vote favoring Kylie, it's clear that Wishbone App users have spoken and Kylie has replaced her big sis as the leader of the Kardashian/Jenner pack. Look out big sisters - Kylie is here and she's here to stay!

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