Twitter Users Slam Kylie Jenner For Driving While Filming Instagram Stories

The reality TV star consistently posts videos of herself driving in her car, which is illegal in the state of California.

Avid watchers of Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Stories have noticed that the billionaire beauty mogul has a pattern of filming herself while driving, and they’re not too happy about it.

On Tuesday, the 22-year-old was driving in her Bugatti while taking videos for her Instagram. She appeared to be en route to see her mother, Kris Jenner, to celebrate her 64th birthday.

As it’s not the first time Jenner has documented herself using her phone while driving, many people on Twitter were upset about the reality star’s unsafe behavior.

Laws pertaining to using your phone behind the wheel vary from state to state, but it is illegal in California, where Jenner lives.

California law says “drivers can’t hold or operate a cellphone for any reason, except for functions that require only ‘the motion of a single swipe or tap of the driver’s finger,’ and only if the phone is mounted on the windshield or dashboard.”