Kylie Jenner's New Blue Lip Kit Looks Downright Unwearable

Could this finally be the color that doesn't sell out at record speed?

There are few things we'd put past Kylie Jenner. After all, she's an 18-year-old who drives a bright blue Ferrari, debuts a new hair color every other minute and has made a fortune (on top of a fortune) selling hotly debated lip products.

We've followed the release of sold-out color after sold-out color, understanding somewhat -- if not fully -- the reasons for their cult appeal. Up to this point the colors have been quite lovely, from nudes to metallics to even the matte black "Dead of Knight" color she debuted earlier this month.

But these. These new colors cross the line.

Unveiled on Snapchat Monday night, Freedom is a deep navy blue...

...and Skylie is a cleverly named sky blue kit the stuff our Smurf-tastic nightmares are made out of.

The two colors are being released Friday for the Fourth of July, perfect timing for people who want their relatives to stay far away from them at the family barbecue.

This it not to knock the handful of people who can pull off this shade with ease -- more power to you. And perhaps, if nothing else, this could be a color devoted fans might actually be able to get their hands on before it sells out?

Sigh (or should we say Skigh?). When will it end?

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