Kylie Jenner Just Had To Cut Off All Her Hair

King Kylie has yet another new 'do.

The 19-year-old makeup mogul debuted a sleek black bob on Snapchat Monday. But Jenner hinted that the shorter ‘do may have been a necessary change.

“The gag is ... I had to cut off all my hair today,” Jenner captioned her snap. 

It looks like Jenner’s love of hair dye and extensions may have taken a toll on her natural hair. She even zoomed in on a bleach blonde patch of hair from a former dye job. 

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Of course, Jenner may have just needed a change. But if her chop job was due to hair damage, it looks like her new bob is shiny and healthy. 

What we know for sure is that no Kylie Jenner hairstyle can last for long. We can’t wait to see what King Kylie comes up with next.