Kylie Jenner And Nicky Hilton Wore Some Pretty Offensive Halloween Costumes This Year

Not cool.

Well, there's always someone who shows up to a Halloween party in a racist or offensive costume -- this year it was Kylie Jenner and Nicky Hilton.

On Saturday, Jenner shared a video of herself decked out in her "Eskimo" costume that she wore to a party on Friday night. Never mind the fact that "Eskimo" is generally considered a slur, the Inuit and Alaska Natives are real people, not costumes.

Eskimo @styledbyhrush @tokyostylez

A video posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

While the 18-year-old later switched up the caption on another photo to "Snow Princess," we're not buying it. Someone probably should have told Jenner she would have been better off dressing as the vampire zombie she plays in Tyga's "Dope'd Up" video.

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Meanwhile, Nicky Hilton apparently learned nothing from the time her sister Paris attended a Halloween party at the Playboy mansion dressed as a "sexy Indian." The younger Hilton sister also doesn't seem to care that Native Americans and First Nations are real people with a real culture and therfore not a costume, because she turned up to the Casamigos Tequila Halloween Party on Friday night in this:

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For more racist Halloween costumes you'll want to avoid this year, next year and all future Halloween parties, click here if you don't have the common sense not to offend people already.

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