Kylie Jenner Paid $100 For Some Bogus Lemonade

Oh, to be a kid in Calabasas 🍋

If you've ever wondered what Kylie Jenner really spends her money on, following her on social media will pretty much tell you. The 18-year-old practically throws cash at cars, expensive bags, gorgeous shoes and, according to her Snapchat, lemonade, of all things. 

Some lucky kids (in what looks like Calabasas) were treated to a visit from King Kylie herself last weekend. In two snaps, a charitable Kylie hands over some cash for two sodas and then a crisp $100 bill in exchange for the lemonade. Maybe she was just tired of detoxing with her FitTea.

Evidently, however, these kids are already master snake-oil salesmen -- they sold the reality star some bogus lemonade. Kylie confirmed that she basically paid for a cup of water, saying, "I think this is just Crystal Light."

Maybe the drink just helped her cool down after last weekend's Twitter hackers and sex tape rumors got a little too heated. 



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