Kylie Jenner Posts Scandalous New Snapchat Video With Tyga

Risqué move?

Don't even try to keep up with this Kardashian. It can't be done.

Ever since Kylie Jenner turned 18, she and Tyga have put their relationship in overdrive. The pair hasn't been shy about PDA and even made their 'ship award-show official, which is like the celebrity equivalent of Facebook official for all us civilians.  

Now the pair has kicked things up a notch again with a racy Snapchat video showing Jenner pressing her breast up against Tyga's face. 

This is just one of a few different new vids of the couple. The pair also lip-synced some explicit lyrics together.

And in another, Tyga asks Kylie if she's ever seen "The Mask," which is a valid question since the movie came out in 1994, and Jenner wasn't born until 1997. Tyga, 25, was born in '89. 

Jenner and Tyga haven't been shy about pushing the envelope before. Seeing how things have been going since the star's 18th birthday, don't expect them to slow down anytime soon.

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