Kylie Jenner Transforms Into A Retro Sex Doll For Interview Magazine

The 18-year-old bares her behind and poses in a gilded wheelchair.

Kylie Jenner has yet to officially follow in her older sisters' footsteps and completely strip down for cameras, but she's blazing trails that are all her own with a very strange photo shoot for Interview magazine. 

The 18-year-old posed for photographer Steven Klein after being transformed into what we can only describe as a bondage sex doll that's channeling Jackie O. Dressed in latex, propped up and posed in various positions, Jenner appears on three different covers for the magazine's December/January double issue. 

To live up to the magazine's namesake, Interview's senior editor Chris Wallace sat down with Jenner, who revealed she's"obsessed" with her hometown of Calabasas and gets through life by trying to "stay sane and not read comments."

Also, her goal for 2016 is to learn to garden. 


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