Kylie Jenner Channels Her Inner Xena Warrior Princess With Sexy Halloween Costume

The reality star traded in her dubious "Eskimo" ensemble for something actually fierce.

After donning a questionable furry white "Eskimo"/snow princess costume Friday night, Kylie Jenner continued the Halloween festivities with a look that was a little more badass.

On Saturday night, the 18-year-old channeled her inner Xena warrior princess with a sexy gladiator-inspired ensemble. The costume consisted of an embellished bra top, black and gold leather shoulder caps, a black skirt with hip-high slits (pretty much a floor-length loin cloth) and of course, a sword. 

The reality star traded in her bob hairstyle for an extra long ponytail, which she dubbed "40 inches of fun" in a Snapchat video. And she even had her own crew of ninjas, obviously. 

my ninjas

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