Kylie Jenner And Model BFF Stassie Flaunt Matching 'Stormi' Tattoos

Artist JonBoy appears to have done the ink at Travis Scott's birthday party in April.

Kylie Jenner and one of her many BFFs, Anastasia “Stassie” Karanikolaou, got matching “Stormi” tattoos on their arms, celebrating the name of Jenner’s daughter.

Jenner shared a video of herself and Stassie flashing their matching back-of-arm tats, inked in small block lettering, on Instagram Thursday. 

Jenner, 21, and her model friend got the tattoos at boyfriend Travis Scott’s birthday party last month. Tattoo artist JonBoy was hired to work at the fête and was seen sketching on Jenner’s arm in social media posts shared after the party.

Stormi, born in February 2018, is the first child of Jenner and Scott

It’s unclear why Stassie got Stormi’s name on her body. Perhaps she’s Stormi’s godmother? Or maybe she just really loves the little girl. It’s all very TBD.

Kris Jenner’s youngest daughter borrowed JonBoy’s tattooing tools at the party to do some art of her own on the bicep of the guest of honor.

JonBoy shared a video of that action on his Instagram, captioning the moment with: “T.S.🖤K.J.” 

The adage here writes itself: The family that tattoos each other stays together.

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