Kylie Jenner Just 'Sucked' On Her Sister Kendall's Tongue A Little Bit

Not going to lie, it's a little weird.

Sisters -- one day you can be calling your sister the c-word, the next day she's sucking on your tongue. 

No? You've never experienced this with your siblings? Are you saying this is not usually how sisters usually interact? Hmm, OK. Well, Kylie Jenner posted a video to Snapchat the other day where she goes in for a peck and ends up sucking on her sister Kendall's tongue a little bit. 

"She sucked my tongue … I’m dead,” the reality star captioned the Snap. 

It's not the first time the sisters have gotten a little too close for comfort. Back in April, Kylie also posted a video where she sticks her hands down Kendall's pants. Their relationship seems ... interesting. 

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