Kylie Minogue Stars As She-Ra In Funny Or Die Video (VIDEO)

For the honor of Gayskull!

Kylie Minogue is back -- not with a new single or film role, but as everyone's favorite '80s female cartoon icon (okay, second to Jem), She-Ra! Presented as a new show on NBC, the Funny or Die clip portrays Kylie as the Princess of Power in a modern-day reboot like the ones populating the TV landscape these days (ie: "Beauty and the Beast," "Mockingbird Lane," and this Fall's upcoming "Sleepy Hollow").

The parody video has the Australian pop star battling her arch-nemesis Skeletor and features the inevitable cameo from her hunky brother, He-Man. At first it may seem strange to have the Princess of Pop playing the Princess of Power, but once you watch the video you'll wonder why this didn't happen sooner. It also helped that Kylie probably provided her own costume taken from one of her past tours.

Since Kylie is almost finished work on her upcoming album and after last week's cancelation bloodbath where NBC axed much of their current lineup (including gay fave "The New Normal"), She-Ra could fit in quite nicely this upcoming season on the Peacock Network.