Kym Whitley Goes Car Shopping At A Lamborghini Dealership (VIDEO)

Kym Whitley may be a successful actress and comedian, but she's also proof that even celebrities have their limits when it comes to spending money. In the market for a new car, Kym reluctantly visits a Lamborghini dealership in Los Angeles with her two close friends, Harold and Wendell. From the moment the three step foot inside, they realize they've entered a different high-end world.

"Smells very wealthy," Kym muses, as the men eye the Lamborghinis.

A Lamborghini specialist approaches the trio and asks if there's anything he can help them with. Without skipping a beat, Wendell asks, "What do you have on sale?"

The group laughs, but soon begins to look at the cars more closely.

Wendell, with his wild hair and fur-trimmed attire, dismisses the Lamborghinis because they don't go with his "look." Harold, however, opts for a more practical assessment.

"What is the price range of this car?" he asks carefully.

"This car starts in the low fours," the Lamborghini specialist responds.

"Forty thousand?" Kym asks.

"Four hundred and fifty thousand dollars," the specialist clarifies.

"I can get a small island for that," Kym quips.

That's when Wendell decides to get behind the wheel of the Lamborghini and seems to change his tune. "Oh, this is hot!" he exclaims from the driver's seat.

Harold tries to slide into the passenger's side, but finds it difficult. "It's real low," he says. "Oh, oh! And I got a cramp!... Yeah, that's a petite car. I got a cramp."

Laughing, Kym decides a Lamborghini might not be the most practical option for her. "Where are the geriatric cars?" she jokes.

The season finale of "Raising Whitley" airs on Saturday, March 8, at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.



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